Yamaha R1 and Suzuki K6

full harness

Sidecar grass track racing (Ignition only)

                For Emerald M3DK, K3, K6 and K6+ ECU


Top automotive wires

High quality coper wires with excellent insulation properties and in wide use by automotive and marine industries.


All twisted and heatshrinked

Twisting the wires helps to avoid any possible interference and heatshrink protect and keep it tidy.

Where reguired, shielded cable is used such as for Crank and Cam connections.


Integrated safety

Self operating kill switch protects you and your bike. Simply attach the key to your wrist and everything will be turned OFF the moment your hand moves away from handle bar.

Two integrated fuses protects you and electric circuitry from possible electric hazards and damages.

Splash proof

This harness designed to withstend a quick medium splash of liquid. All terminals and connectors housing are protected with rubber seals.


Reinforced junctions and connector entries

All junctions and cables at the connector entry are reinforced with adhesive heatshrink for robustnes and additional sealing of wires.


Provided connections

  • ECU connector
  • Battery +V and -V
  • Kill switch
  • Two fuses with bracket
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Crank sensor
  • Cam sensor
  • Four coils
  • Map switching